Ray Atkeson

master photographer


A Timeless Collection

Welcome to The Ray Atkeson Image Archive*, one of the most prolific photographic archives representing the Pacific Northwest and Western United States.  The archive includes over 250,000 images spanning eight decades, from the late 1920’s through the early 1990‘s.  Ray Atkeson’s eye for lighting and composition in both black & white as well as color, created a collection of images that have been both published and collected internationally.  We invite you to browse the archive and enjoy the beauty of Ray Atkeson’s photography.  This is truly a timeless collection of classic photography produced by one of America’s Master Photographers.

*Please note that all images in the Ray Atkeson Image Archive are rights protected and all images are protected by federal copyright law.  Any use or reproduction of the images from within this site without the express written consent of Rick Schafer Photography, LLC is strictly prohibited.

The Archive

The Ray Atkeson Image Archive is a working, commercial archive and has been used as a resource for stock photography and fine art decor prints for 80 years.  The archive is currently managed by Rick Schafer Photography, LLC.  Prior to Ray’s passing in 1990, Rick Schafer was Ray’s stepson and protégé.  The archive consists primarily of large format black and white negatives and large and medium format color transparencies.  All images are available in digital format upon request.  We are working towards having the entire archive completely digitized, however most of the important images are currently digitized.  Pricing is available for Estate Prints.  Collectors Print pricing is discussed privately with each interested party.  Rights Licensing is negotiated on a project by project basis with our commercial clients.  Licensing fees are determined based on a variety of factors of which the most important is making sure our clients stay on budget.


News and Notes

July 2012 - The RingSide FishHouse opened for business this month in the Fox Tower in downtown Portland, OR.  The Peterson family that has owned and operated the RingSide Steakhouse since 1944 decide to open their third restaurant featuring Chef Johnny Nunn’s diverse menu of fresh NW Seafood.  In keeping with their theme, the Peterson Family selected a collection of 15 Ray Atkeson black & white décor prints representing the ocean, rivers and fishing industry of the Pacific Northwest.

August 2012 - Danner Boots is launching their incredible new STUMPTOWN line of footwear this fall in New York.  Danner has selected a collection of Ray Atkeson color photographs that represent hiking imagery of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest as a wall décor backdrop for Danner’s  pop up shop within the Dunderdon Clothing Store in the Soho neighborhood of New York City.  The unique aspect of this collection of hiking images is that Ray is actually the hiker in his own photographs.

For over 70 years this archive was housed in our family homes here in Portland, OR.  A film archive is a very fragile body of work affected by heat and humidity.  It requires special storage and handling. This particular archive even includes nitrate base negatives which, when placed in the wrong atmospheric environment are capable of self combustion!

In 2005 the decision was made to relocate the physical archive for a variety of reasons. Preservation of the physical negatives and transparencies was the most important factor.  Secondly it is very important that this archive is available for students and scholars to use as a resource for research.  With these factors in mind, the archive is currently housed in the Special Collections & University Archives in the Knight Library  at the University of Oregon.  The archive is only available for educational use through the Special Collections and University Archives.